Nutrition and Recipes

Here’s where I’ll be posting/blogging articles, pictures and videos I have found to be of interest on diet and nutrition as well as recipes to try in support of healthy eating.

I will also be offering my opinion(s) on various topics (including buying food from local suppliers, farmer’s markets, etc.).

Feedback is always welcome.

2 Responses to Nutrition and Recipes

  1. Kathy Chalupowski says:

    Hi there Edward,
    There was something you told me I could use in replace of flour or cornstarch to add to make gravy thicken. I can’t remember what that was, but I need some.
    What was it called and can I get it locally?
    kathy Chalupowski

  2. emhowell52 says:

    That would be Guar Gum (use about 1/10th of the amount of cornstarch you would use, or you could use Coconut Flour in about the same amount as cornstarch.
    Both can be bought at the Superstore in the organics section.

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