Prior to becoming a client of Edward Howell’s I had tried numerous  other therapies to try and relieve my reoccurring migraine headaches.  Edward’s multifaceted approach to treatment over the past several  years has left me practically migraine free.  As a runner Edward has  also been very helpful in helping me to recover more quickly after  especially long runs.  I credit my being able to run my first Boston  Marathon at age 50 to Edward’s expertise in the field of athletic  therapy.
Wade Selig, Bridgewater, NS October 01, 2013


My daughter and I have been receiving therapy from Edward for many years.  I have a host of issues dealing with torn ligaments, PCL and ACL detachments, sprains, jaw pain, back pain etc…
  Edward’s extensive knowledge in so many different forms of therapy and the fact that he continues to educate himself allows him to help my healing process and provide me with pain relief.
 Edward has always been a blessing to me and I would recommend Co-Creative Healing Arts without hesitation to anyone wishing to recover from injuries including the mental and physical properties or chronic pain.
Cynthia Swinimer
I have been a patient of Edward Howell’’s for many years.  I sit at a desk for the bulk of my workday, usually followed by a whirl of after-hours activity.  This all-or-nothing existence often unveils itself as a unique combination of aches, pains, and knots.  But no matter what mess I bring to his door, Edward consistently embraces the challenge of sorting it out and getting me back on my feet. His particular blend of multi-disciplinary expertise and experience simply cannot be replicated.  Behind his back we call him “The Wizard,” because the end result of an hour on his table feels like magic.
 (Ms.) Shaun Bradley


To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to spread the word! I have been experiencing Edwards talents for three years now and I cannot even begin to express all that he has done for my muscles and my emotional well being.

To know me is to think I am crazy, I have one of those personalities that is to the extreme, its all or nothing with me, and Edward helps me attain my goals whether its running a marathon or teaching 16 classes a week he always seems to keep my body in great repair. I trust Edward’s opinions more than my doctor that delivered my three children. I feel he really listens to what I say and takes time to get to the root of the problem. His knowledge of the human body and spirit is a refreshing comfort to me even when he tells me things that I don’t want to hear.

Edward is always willing to help people, when I first met Edward I came in to the gym where I work out with a nasty knot in my calf. I was out running and all of the sudden I felt a tear in my calf, I could hardly walk, one of the ladies at the gym came to my rescue. Lucky for me she knew Edward and she brought me over to him and he helped me out immediately. I soon entrusted Edward with my 14 year old daughter who is a serious dancer and was dancing 6 hours a day at the Banff School of Fine Arts. When I brought my daughter to Edward she could hardly walk because she suffered from severe shin splints. Edward’s understanding and humorous ways made my daughter feel relaxed and comfortable she always left his massage table feeling rejuvenated.

I hope that where ever Edward goes he will be admired and respected. Most of all I want you to know that he is loved and appreciated, and has made a difference in many peoples lives by being a wonderful listener and problem solver. That is truly a gift. Thank you !!!!

Jackie Cooney-Lebbert, Fitness Instructor
May, 2003

March, 2003

Dear Ed:

After I learned in July of 2001 that I had intermediate prostate cancer, a couple of things happened. I was not only changed physically, but emotionally.

Feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, all of these washed through me on hearing I had a life threatening disease. Learning to cope with these feelings on a day to day was a whole new challenge.

One of the smartest things I did was take the time to sit and talk with you about my situation. When you told me about “Physio-Emotional Release (P.E.R.) and explained this new stress relieving technique I was anxious to try it.

From the first session we had together, I noticed a marked change. It was an hour before my first appointment with my oncologist. To say I was nervous would be to understate things.

Once through your session I left for the appointment much more relaxed. Physically and emotionally it gave me back my perspective. The sessions that followed with you were equally valuable and I extend my gratitude for your compassion and the expertise that you brought to my situation.

I wish you luck in your future endeavours and know that you will go forward to help other people just as you did me.

Paul S. Brown,
Assistant Manager,
Fitness Plus South

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