Doors ~ Anticipation or Apprehension?

Doors ~ Anticipation or Apprehension?

photo ~ Mary Dixon

A few weeks ago my lovely and talented wife offered me this picture (a creation of hers in her days as a Fine Arts Photographer) which I admit to have coveted since I first laid my eyes on it. ┬áIt evokes something deep inside me that I have difficulty finding the appropriate words to describe. I find that looking at it quiets me, brings me a sense of peace. Is it a sense of familiarity because I’ve just walked through this door, closing it on my past, so rich of experiences? Or is it a sense of expectancy because I’m about to open the door to enter a new, opportunity rich part of my life?

How do you feel about the doors and doorways of your life?

Do you approach these places of transition and possible change with apprehension, or anticipation?

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