The 5 Reasons You Absolutely Must Incorporate Massage in Your Life

An interesting personal opinion on the benefits of massage from a working, full-time-student, mother-of-two, wife who will not put off her massage appointment to have a drink with her best friend. Enjoy, oh, and don’t forget to book your massage.

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These are the best reasons to get a massage regularly.

These are the best reasons to get a massage regularly..

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A Thought Provoking video on the Perception of Reality


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Love cannot be disappointed…

Love cannot be disappointed because it has no expectations. ~ Gary Zukav

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Doors ~ Anticipation or Apprehension?

Doors ~ Anticipation or Apprehension?

photo ~ Mary Dixon

A few weeks ago my lovely and talented wife offered me this picture (a creation of hers in her days as a Fine Arts Photographer) which I admit to have coveted since I first laid my eyes on it.  It evokes something deep inside me that I have difficulty finding the appropriate words to describe. I find that looking at it quiets me, brings me a sense of peace. Is it a sense of familiarity because I’ve just walked through this door, closing it on my past, so rich of experiences? Or is it a sense of expectancy because I’m about to open the door to enter a new, opportunity rich part of my life?

How do you feel about the doors and doorways of your life?

Do you approach these places of transition and possible change with apprehension, or anticipation?

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On writing our life…

Today has turned into a snow day for me, so no clients today. The opportunity to clean up my desk, etc. offered, I plunged in.  In the clearing process I came across this “For Better or Worse” strip that I clipped out of some newspaper years ago. It had a poignancy for me then, and still does, so holding the memories of my family members and friends who have made the transition to whatever comes next for them, I honour them and their stories, whatever they may have been.

(This posted without permission of the author/artist, I hope they understand)

NOTE: Click on the picture to see the strip in its entirety.


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Reiki Really Works – A Groundbreaking Scientific Study

Article posted by Green Lotus Hubpages, worth the read.

Click on the link to read:

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Where DO We get our food??

[wpvideo 4N8XegLl]

So,.. you think we in Canada are more or less self sufficient in the food department? Time to re-think that illusion.

Here’s a short video sponsored by Hellman’s giving some very pertinent information on just how much more food we import than export.

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Where We Live

This was the scene yesterday afternoon as the sun was setting. I am so grateful to live in this serene place of beauty and sanctuary.

Blessings to all the knowing of peace in life.

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Pushing the edge of my comfort zone.

This is my first attempt at setting up and maintaining a blog site, so please bear with me as I travel the learning curve.

Here’s where I’ll be posting/blogging articles, pictures and videos I have found to be of interest in the Healing Arts fields of Massage Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch, and other healing modalities.

I will also be offering my opinion(s) on other various topics as well…

Feedback is always welcome.

NOTE: Click on the   (SCHEDULE NOW)  button on the left side of your screen to make an appointment with me for Massage Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology and/or other healing modalities. This button can also be used to register for Reiki Certification Workshops.

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